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Kinds of insurance

Property insurance

  • Insurance of property complexes;
  • Insurance of the leased property;
  • Insurance repairs (finishing);
  • Insurance of movable property;
  • Insurance of goods in a warehouse / goods in circulation;
  • Cargo insurance.

Motor insurance

  • Insurance of land transport (AvtoKASKO);
  • Compulsory insurance of civil liability (OSGPO);
  • Voluntary (additional) liability insurance;
  • Compulsory insurance for drivers of accidents in transport;
  • Voluntary insurance against accidents in the transport sector;
  • Liability insurance leaving abroad (Green Card).

Personal Insurance

  • Voluntary medical insurance;
  • Accident insurance;
  • Insurance for travel abroad (Travel).

Liability Insurance

  • General liability insurance;
  • Liability insurance carrier / freight forwarder;
  • Professional liability insurance;
  • Liability insurance for warehouse operators;
  • Other special types of liability insurance.

Life insurance

  • Cumulative life insurance;
  • Urgent, life insurance.

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